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October 7, 2022
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Unicorns, if they are so called, it is mainly because of their ability to provide an innovative service, and of course surprising, with a new vision capable of offering solutions. That's why we propose you today to discover 6 really innovative unicorns, which in their own way, already participate to the vision of tomorrow's world.

Glance, learn during unlocking your phone

Glance is one of the many unicorns of Singapore, which we have talked about in an article dedicated to the Singapore's ability to see unicorns. Among them, Glance which based its idea on the use we make of our phones and the time we spend on them.

Glance is an interface that proposes when unlocking the smartphone screen, a suggestion of content with an image presenting the article. One can then choose to discover the content or simply unlock the screen. Glance allows many websites to get more visibility, but also to have a high quality targeting.

How does it work? Thanks to artificial intelligence and in particular to Machine Learning. The interface will be able to put forward articles according to the user's habits and preferences in terms of proposed contents, which will allow the editors to obtain a very relevant visibility (for example, sportsmen practicing fitness...)

To find all the data about Glance, you can click here

Recover, a good promise for the future of textile

Always with a more sustainable vision, there is also Recover. This Spanish unicorn is specialized in recycling textile waste and is even the world leader in this field.

But what are the stakes? Textile, based on cotton, very greedy in water, and whose culture dried up the Aral Sea in hardly 50 years is also very polluting with chemical treatments. Not to mention the working conditions of the pickers, especially in controversial countries like Uzbekistan. According to Recover, 1 kg of recycled cotton would save no less than 14,740 liters of water and 23 kg of CO2, all while fighting against the generation of additional waste.

It also allows to save a lot of energy, 56 kWh, which is not negligible especially when we think about the sharp rise in energy costs especially in Europe.

You can now discover this video explaining the manufacturing process of recycled textile at Recover:

Zymergen, biotechnology of tomorrow

Zymergen is a unicorn focused on finding more sustainable solutions for industrial and mass sectors (agriculture, manufacturing, packaging).

For example, it is developing biodegradable and water-resistant paper packaging solutions to fight against plastic pollution. This is fully in line with the measures taken by governments to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

It is also interested in agriculture by seeking solutions inspired by biology. For example, it is developing solutions with certain microbes to limit the use of pesticides and their impact on the environment while allowing crops to better absorb nutrients and make them more qualitative and resistant.

It is also present in the health sector with various enzymes used in treatments and vaccines, and in the transport industry with innovative materials.

TerraPower and the project of an industry more responsible

Speaking of energy, let me introduce you to TerraPower, a company founded by Bill Gates! This company is specialized in the research of a cleaner nuclear energy and signed last December the construction of one of its molten salt reactor projects, a new kind of nuclear energy.

The most striking advantage of this technology is its ability to produce heat. It is intended to decarbonize many industries that require very high temperatures and are therefore very energy-intensive, such as the steel industry. The first reactor could be ready in 2026, which could be a major step forward when you consider that steel is responsible for 9% of global emissions.

ClassDojo, for a more pleasant school

Education is an increasingly complicated sector to manage in many countries, where teachers are less and less numerous and often complain of a lack of recognition.

Moreover, with parents working both days of the week, it is increasingly difficult for them to keep up with the teaching of their children. The dialogue is often only through the child on weeknights.

The goal of American unicorn ClassDojo and its application is to create a real dialogue between parents and teachers. They can share the activities studied at school, exchange directly with parents via the platform and give parents the possibility to follow the notions seen by their child on a daily basis.

Not to mention the children, who are encouraged and pushed to develop the desire to learn with activities to do at home and have virtual albums on the application to show what they have learned.

Unstoppable Domains, a step in Web3

Finally, let's take a look at a unicorn that is part of Web 3 and already wants to prepare the Internet of the future.

Thanks to its website, it will be possible to get domain names dedicated to Web 3 with many terminations to choose from, for example :


The interest is to buy for example a domain name composed of one's name, which is already used for cryptocurrencies and which could become almost indispensable to access Web 3 and particularly the Metaverse. You can buy your domain name from 20 to 40 dollars depending on the domain name.

The domain name obtained allows many integrations, especially at the level of Wallet sites of cryptocurrencies which are very present among the already 453 partners of the American unicorn.

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