New Unicorn: airSlate

June 20, 2022
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This Thursday, June 16, airSlate became a unicorn by reaching a valuation of $1.25 billion. This happened following its Series C round where the startup raised $51.5 million. The two investors are G Squared and UiPath Ventures.

What is airSlate?

airSlate is a very advanced no-code workflow with many features. It allows you to conduct business tasks from start to finish with all the tools at your disposal. It is quite simple to use and therefore does not require deep computer knowledge to operate. Thus, this workflow works for all business profiles, from human resources to sales. Airslate allows to automate processes and thus to save a considerable amount of time. For example, it is possible to assign anyone to various tasks and to integrate documents into projects. It is now possible to integrate 150 bots like Excel or Google Drive. The software also offers analytical tools if you want to follow your flow.

More than 50 million dollars, but why?

The advantage of this kind of software is that the additional services that can be integrated are often numerous and that the company's strategy is really important to differentiate itself from the competition. The goal of airSlate is to increase the automation capabilities of the software. More globally, the objective is also to increase its customer portfolio but also to recruit new talents.

The emergence of automation software.

Many recent startups focus on increasing productivity in the workplace. The functions of each are different, but one example is Glean, which is constantly optimizing employees' time. Another software similar to airSlate is Zip , which assigns tasks to each person in the payment process. Everyone is trying to differentiate themselves in their own way but there is no doubt that the sector is becoming more and more competitive and will be very interesting to follow in the near future.

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