New Unicorn: MegaRobo

June 17, 2022
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The Chinese company MegaRobo became a unicorn this Thursday, June 16, following its series C. It raised $300 million from 11 investors, the main ones being Gold Sachs Asset Management, GGV Capital and Asia Investment Capital. Its capitalization is now one billion dollars.

What is MegaRobo

MegaRobo is a startup specialized in robotics. With the help of artificial intelligence, the robots are programmed to help medicine in many areas including Research & Development. These automated robots allow many things, first of all, it brings a precious precision for laboratory tests, which includes a reduction of risks and an improvement of results. It also allows to save human resources in a field where it is not easy to have enough manpower, so the experiments progress much faster, especially thanks to a very strong autonomy in the robots.

MegaRobo's objective

Currently the startup is focusing on the medicinal side but is aware that limiting its technology to a single sector would be a mistake. MegaRobo intends to establish itself in sectors where its robotics will be relevant such as energy, chemical, food safety and many other fields. Of course, the company intends to increase its technological and research capabilities. It is sure that with 300 million dollars, a sum twice as important as all previous fundings combined, the recent unicorn can have ambitions.

Good news for the R&D sector

This is the 28th unicorn whose business sector is R&D, half of which are in the medical field. Fundraising has been a tough job lately, so this boost for research comes at the right time. MegaRobo had a role during the COVID-19 health crisis, which is certainly what motivated investors to put such a large amount of money on the table in such a tough time.

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