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Lunicorn is a website that identifies all unicorn startup companies worldwide. Founded in April 2022, it lists all businesses valued at greater than 1 billion euros. This media is a French media focusing on the technology, information, business and innovation. In May 2022, more than 1500 unicorns are counted across the globe. We are here to give people the ability to collect datas and understand unicorns. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all informations.

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The goals of Lunicorn website that compare and analyse unicorns are to provide an understanding of the centralized information global vision. We are the first website to propose this. The website will list all unicorns, their respective countries, and their estimated value. It could be interesting for entrepreneurs.

What are our different angles of approach on unicorns startups ?

Data analysis about unicorns

For one thing, we've organized all the information around the unicorn "maps" to give you easy access to comparisons between unicorns around the world.

The analysis framework is as follows: the unicorn industry (knowing in which field it operates), the technology it uses and which allows it to distinguish itself, the business model / business plan to know how the tech startup generates revenue, the clientele to know who the solution offered by the company is aimed at as well as the value proposition (to know what the added value is commercially speaking).

Data analysis around unicorns by countries

We have set up a filtering system by country to see by name which countries have the most companies of this type. There are 3 classifications for the companies present: unicorns (companies valued at more than 1 billion), dragons (companies valued at more than 10 billion) as well as old unicorns (currently listed on stock exchanges or too old). It is also possible to filter by year of entry.
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Blog section of unicorns startups

There is a blog section devoted to the world of news and information, wherein there are 3 categories for learning, analysis and announcements.

Learning on unicorns startups

The learning gives definitions about the key terms in the technical language of the unicorn industry, startups and business enterprise. Definitions are delivered to you in a way that helps you completely understand them.

Analysis startups companies

The analysis compares unicorns of similar domains to understand the differences that there can be from one startup to another for the same domain; whether due to the region of the world, certain principles of execution or any other reason.


This categrory of articles informs you about the most important news stories lately that revolve around unicorns and major fundraisers. This is a good way to stay informed about the latest updates relating to technological advances.
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